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early Tertiary

• new fauna of much smaller Foraminifera (same scale as figure below) proliferating in the early Tertiary, resulting in the resumption of limestone formation.
(photograph NMNH, now called `Naturalis')

Upper Cretaceous

• rich fauna of comparatively large Foraminifera in the Upper Cretaceous (same scale as figure above).
(photograph NMNH, now called `Naturalis')

23   Erwin et al, 2002; M.C. Geluk, 2005.
24   H.N.A. Priem, see bibliography.

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When life first appeared on earth is still not known.
But 3.500 my ago there was a manifestation of life interfering the formation of bodies of layered limestone, built by cyano-bacteria. (H.N.A. Priem 24) These stromatoliths must have changed the patterns of shallow water currents.
Most fossils in these old formations were single and inconspicuous.
Then, less than 1.000 my ago, there was a marked increase in the number of `worm' tracks on the seafloor.

Roughly 540 my ago there was an explosion of interfering life all over the world:
    • a profusion of the most diverse animals, building calcareous shells,
      tubes and micro-skeletons;
    • coral reefs, microscopic annimals building thick limestone formations;
    • animals multiplying, changing the landscape, digging holes.

Life exploiting all available sources of energy, exploring all available biotopes, availing itself of possibilities for new procedures that never occurred before.
Such as the synthetic binding of carbon dioxide, so that mountain flanks are now covered with tree forests, which prevent the erosion that otherwise would be taking place. Procedures that can only occur because of life's ingenious capacity for opportunistic innovation. And the possibility of multiplying, thus causing an enormous spreading of negentropy and complexity.

AGCT script
All this began with the incredible appearance of the genetic four-letter alphabet AGCT and the use of this script in the genetic software, an astonishing miracle almost as great as that of the Big Bang.
"This universal script", says Helmut Moritz (p. 177) "is an overwhelming argument for evolution".
Actually it is not the script itself, but the manner in which the DNA shows similarities and differences in different species throughout the entire field of life, which is the proof of evolution.
     Thus, when this script is seen as the script in God's personal computer,
     on which God can design his next new living creature,
     it would be proof for evolution in God's brain,
     a God who would not be transcendent with respect to time,
     the Prajapati of the upanishads, creation incorporate.

The appearance of all this organic intervention confirms
     that interference is possible.

It is not the room left in inorganic processes which makes this possible, but the fact that these inorganic processes can be overpowered, shoved aside, replaced
or interrupted by organic processes.
That room for such interference exists has already been shown by the purely inorganic impact of the Yucatan meteorite.

animals leaving tracks
An animal leaving footpring, such as the imaginary animal on page 4.3.
Each footprint is a replica of the underside of a foot of the animal. Such a footprint represents part of the kinetic energy of the animal.
It is a record of form without substance.
The animal, complete with substance and form elements, has gone on and is no longer there.

A footprint is a record of form without substance:
• records of form that lack substance, exist;
• each footprint, left behind by the running animal, represents a small amount
   of energy;
• as animal evolution develops a neural system, eventually forming a brain,
   all this information becomes accessible to a scientist.


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