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fragment of a abstraction of a leafless tree by Piet Mondriaan

• fragment of an abstraction of a leafless tree
by Piet Mondriaan (1912)

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     1. preview
     2. geology, a key to the past
     3. some evidence
     4. formation of a bivalve shell
     5. causality
     6. inorganic processes


Picture the universe as a growing young tree, that sprouted from an original high-energy seed, comparable to the hiranya garbha (the golden seed of the material world of Indian cosmology), and that now grows and expands as a four-dimensional body by means of a succession of four-dimensional shape/time processes, that leave three-dimensional records.

The seed of a tree contains the genetic information which leads to the specific shape of the growing tree:
• a deist will believe that the seed of the universe contains God's plan.
• a physicist, that it contains a number of finely-tuned constants
  and some physical laws.

The growth processes of a tree do not proceed in a deterministic manner: there will be a certain amount of random variation.
All the major branches of a tree differ in form because of adventitious circumstances and a certain amount of pure chance.
The painter Mondriaan first painted a tree in a naturalistic way. Later he reduced the image step-wise to an abstract play of lines.

The cosmology presented here is naturalistic.
That of physicists and philosophers has become more and more abstract. Thereby they sometimes disregard:
• that a running animal leaves footprints behind it, none in front
• there are no footprints of animals, that have not yet been there
• past processes have left three-dimensional material records
• but the future does not
• that cosmic interruptions can interfere in normal goings-on
• that accordingly there is room for such interference
• that life becomes the most important source of interference
• that evolution leads to the development of brains, that can add a mental component.


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